The Seven Deadly Sins of Selling Your HomeThe Seven Deadly Sins of Selling Your Home

In Toronto almost one third of homes listed for sale run out their listing term and are relisted at a lower price without ever receiving an offer. Why?

These seven deadly sins of selling your home are sure to lower the value a potential buyer sees in your home and can take its toll on you even in today’s hot Toronto real estate market.

  1. Not taking a critical look at your home’s “curb appeal”

    First impressions are the hardest for a potential buyer to forgive. If your home isn’t attractive on the outside many buyers may just keep driving past your home and on to the next.

  2. Not de-cluttering your home

    Potential buyers want to imagine how their furniture will look in your home. If you make that a difficult task because of the amount of furniture and knick-knacks that make your room spaces seem smaller, you need to pack away whatever isn’t needed on a regular basis. Cupboard shelves and clothes closets should never be more than half full, rooms should have a lot of open space that makes it easy for several people to walk through at a time.

  3. Leaving minor maintenance issues for the next owner to deal with

    That dripping tap tells more than it’s an older kitchen or bathroom, it says the home hasn’t been cared for and there’s a possibility of worse things to be found. Replace the washers or the fixtures to show that your home has been well maintained.

  4. Not removing or replacing shabby carpet or chipped tiles

    It’s easy to be comfortable with your home and overlook the obvious but that welcome mat may not be very welcoming if it’s worn out. New small carpets can spruce up big rooms at a minimum of cost.

  5. Not staging your home

    Every home owner has created their living space with a set personality. This may not show off your home’s true potential if the furnishings are more of a distraction than a decorating statement. Staging your home allows for more neutral and positive colours and tones that allow a potential buyer to better see their lifestyle in your home.

  6. Limiting the times your agent can show your home

    Most realtors work 7 days a week and most buyers want to see homes in the evenings and weekends. If you limit the available times for showings, potential buyers are looking at other homes for sale, not yours.

  7. Over estimating the value of your home

    Many home sellers over price their home. Whether it’s due to sentimentality or simply misunderstanding the value of their home by comparing it to other homes that are not of the same caliber, over-priced homes often see lower offers, if any offers at all, and a high percentage of homes will be relisted at a lower price to attract buyers.


Any of these mistakes or omissions can cause your home sale experience to cause you anxiety that could have been avoided.

An experienced real estate sales person can help you avoid these seven deadly sins of selling your home that will affect your home’s attractiveness and turn the experience into a satisfying and profitable one for you.