Land Transfer Tax

Land Transfer Tax

The purchase of land in Ontario triggers Land Transfer Taxes (LTT) that are paid by the purchaser of the land when the transfer is registered.

Ontario Provincial Land Transfer Tax Example

In the Municipality of Toronto the purchaser of land also pays an additional Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT).

Toronto Municipal Land Transfer Tax Example

Both of these taxes are calculated based on the dollar value paid for the property and the value of the tax rate is related to the type of property

There are Land Transfer Tax rebates available for first-time home purchasers (for some or all of the payable Land Transfer Taxes) and your real estate lawyer will be able to file the paperwork on your behalf should you qualify for a rebate.

For Ontario land purchases you can calculate your LTT payable using the formula on the Ontario Ministry of Finance website.

 For Current Toronto MLTT rates please visit the City of Toronto website.

The two land transfer taxes should not be confused with the annual Provincial Land Tax (PLT) or the tax payable as part of your Municipal Tax Assessment (MTA), also known as “Property Tax”.

For Toronto residential property owners you can calculate your annual property tax using this City of Toronto online calculator.

For other Ontario municipalities please contact your local area government tax office.

 To find out about Land Transfer Taxes in other Canadian provinces and Territories please visit the specific government website where you will make your land purchase.

 If you have additional questions about land transfer tax, how it is calculated and whether or not you meet tax exemption criteria, you should consult your real estate sales representative or brokerage office.